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Hurricane Rita is really ready to rip and ravish. The projected path of Hurricane Rita is for a direct hit on Houston. Although Hurricane Weather predictors are not sure yet where it might hit, they are certain it will have lots of time to grow in the very warm 88-90 degree water in the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Rita's current predicted path takes it buy some of the largest producing oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and then shows landfall on top of the pellt making machine oil distribution inflow points for oil tankers. This means it could shut down not only Gulf of Mexico production, but also inflow distribution and Houston region refineries.

This is significantly bad news for industries such as; Airlines, Transportation and Retail. But it goes beyond this as we find ourselves looking at $3.50 to $4.00 per gallon for fuel costs in our SUVs, pick-ups, mini-vans and automobiles. In the news of the prediction of Hurricane Rita's path, oil futures are up. The cost of a barrel of oil, shot up by $4.00, which is historically the greatest single day increase in the History of the Oil.

Is the United States ready for round two? Hurricane Katrina took out much refining capacity and some production. We are just now getting the estimates to have all this back online. And as if those estimates are not bad enough, we see a storm Brewing which is taking the alley between Cuba and Southern Florida, with nothing to slow it down and nothing but warm water and hot air to breath. Hurricane Rita is definitely on a course to try and rip thru our determination to press on. She may cost us some money and hit deep with devastating damage and detrimental debilitation to important infrastructure, but she will never, ever, ever, ever break the will of the American People. oil mill Think on this.

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