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If you are interested in buying a Rolex, how would you make out whether you are buying an original or simply a replica? As the awareness about imported brands and costly watches such as Rolex increases in India, there will be cases where people will be swindled by unscrupulous watch sellers trying to pass off replica Rolex watches as original.

Earlier, it was simpler to detect replica Rolex watches, because the second抯 hand would 憈ick?or the dial would contain common spelling errors. However, with the advancement of technology, those who 慺ake it?have become smarter as well. Yes, we are talking about sophisticated counterfeits which utilise sweep movements, laser printed dials, and in extreme cases, who even duplicate the packaging box and the warranty papers.

What was a small time trade is now a global business. With the introduction of ecommerce and the growth of the internet, the chances of getting stuck with a replica watch are increasing especially when online auctions are getting more popular.

The problem might not look as enormous at the first look. However, given that Rolex manufactures more than 750,000 watches annually, the number of replicas manufactured could be more than 10 times this number.

So, the best thing that can be done is to educate oneself about the features of a genuine Rolex. There can be a lot of ways to start, but visiting a local Rolex dealer won抰 do you any harm. Educate yourself about the quality and finish of an authentic Rolex watch.

Authentic Rolex watches are perfectly finished and are virtually flawless. Counterfeit watches can feel rough around the edges and could give you an awkward feeling. For example, genuine gold Rolex watch parts are made of gold down to the very last screw. On the other hand, counterfeits could be gold plated, or they could also feature steel screws. There are many other areas where you could compare a genuine against a replica, so if you don抰 feel perfect about it, then it抯 generally a replica instead.

Many counterfeiters only want to duplicate the appearance of the watch, so performance is not on their priority list. They give their counterfeits a cosmetic look of the real and then try to pass on the watch ahead. So, of you know the appearance of the watch beforehand, then it抯 an easier task to know whether the watch is duplicated or not.

Note the movements on the watch. Also take a look at the cheap rolex watches hands and dials, especially if it is a chronograph watch. Sometimes, counterfeiters utilize cheaper quality movements and forged spares. So these watches do not perform as elegantly as genuine Rolex watches.

Many a times, the extra functions are added fake rolex watches just for show, so they don抰 actually perform. In many cases, genuine Rolex watches are stripped of their original spares, and cheaper, inferior spares are utilised instead. Additionally, what might be displayed is a genuine watch, but what you get is a duplicate one in realty once the sale is realised.

In other instances which involve vintage watches, ordinary stainless steel watches are converted into Rolex look-alikes with help of after xafs spares. This inflates the value of a watch by several thousands and passed off as genuine ones.

There are many other ways by which replicas can be passed off as real ones. Rolex watches are renowned world over for the originality, geniality, and perfect craftsmanship. The only way forward is to genuinely know a Rolex before you buy one, because landing up with a replica can be a costly mistake.

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